Feb 26, 2011

Gluten Free Foods at Food Lion

If you or someone in your family has Celiac Disease (a gluten intolerance) you may be wondering, "Are there gluten free foods at Food Lion?" While gluten-free items sold varies from location to location, here are a few gluten-free items that we have seen customers purchase:

• Gluten Free General Mills Rice Chex®
• Gluten Free Betty Crocker® yellow cake mix
• West Soy® Rice Beverage
• Yoo Hoo® original chocolate drink
• Capri Sun®
• Crunch 'N Munch® and more...

More still, according to Food Lion, the store brand's "Nature's Place," which is "devoted entirely to natural and organic products [...] [meets] the needs of customers with dietary restrictions [and] many of the products found in Food Lion's Nature's Place are non-dairy, gluten free and wheat free." 1

If you can't find a gluten-free product in your local neighborhood Food Lion, here are a few things you can do:
1.) Call other Food Lions in your area to see if they carry the item
2.) Submit your requests for the gluten-free item to the Customer Relations Department at 1-800-210-9569 (toll-free in the USA)
3.) E-mail the Customer Relations Department here and make sure that you select your local neighborhood Food Lion
4.) Shop Food Lion's Special Order Catalog online here or go directly to their gluten-free section here

There's no reason that you or your loved ones should be deprived of tasty foods because of a gluten-intolerance. We hope that you can find a wide variety of gluten-free products at your local neighborhood Food Lion.

1 "Food Lion Celebrates 'Fresh Makeover' Shoppers Finding New-Look Stores, Greater Selection." Food Lion. Food Lion, 15 Jun 2006. Web. 26 Feb 2011.

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  1. Can you please tell me whether Nature's Place vanilla soy milk contains gluten?

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